We are black women.

The pride of Africa.

The mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the wives.

We come in all shapes.

We come in all sizes.

Plump, slender, fat, thin, skinny; society labelled us anything and everything but we took it positively.


Dark and light, our skin tone varies.

Yet, it doesn’t make us any different from each other.

Young and old.

Bold and fearless..

Proud and strong.

We move on, heads held high, tears glistening in our eyes, our pride never lacking

Our confidence never faltering.

It’s time my sisters.

It’s time.

It’s time to finally accept that we are queens,

that we matter, that we are different, that we are unique.

It’s time to finally accept that we are blessed, that colors don’t define us, that we can achieve more.

Ooh my sisters, my beloved black sisters, I reach out to you.

Rise up.

Claim what is yours.

Speak out.

Love yourself.

Show us love, love us, loves us dear black sister.

The world needs you, society is hell bent on terminating your very existence.

They killed our men, raped our women, they tortured our children but they never broke our spirits.

Battered and beaten, we never lost hope.

We never shed a tear, our pride kept us going.

So why black sister? Why now?

Why lose hope now?

This is the time that we need each other.

Don’t you see we have a revolution.

A job that needs to be done?

Toughen up black sister.

Wake up.

We are the change we need sister.

It’s time.

It’s time.